Voter Engagement and Registration

Indivisible Illinois aims to increase voter awareness, voter registration and voter turnout for every election at the federal, state and local levels. We do this by working in coalition with other grassroots partners to host candidate forums, deputy voter registrar trainings, voter registration drives and other public events that are open to all. We believe that more civic engagement will lead to a more representative government that works for the people. Join the public Facebook group Indivisible ILVOTE Share the hashtag #ILVOTE

Indivisible Illinois provides extensive resources to engage with and register voters for the general elections 2018. These materials include:

  • How to host a voter registration event manual
  • Illinois voter registration mail in application in English and Spanish
  • Election Calendar
  • Voter Guides and more

Check out to access all resources and information.

Why is Voter Engagement and Registration important?

The short answer: the more voters we register, the more voters we can turnout on Election Day. But voter registration is also about ensuring that every American can be an active participant in our democracy. To learn more about the importance of voter engagement and registration, check out this post.

How Can I Register Myself and Others Online?

Indivisible Illinois will be using an online voter registration tool that you can use to do voter registration both in-person in your community and by sharing online. We explain what this tool is here.

Are there other Quick and Effective Ways to Help?

Indivisible Illinois hosts biweekly voter engagement phone conferences on Thursdays at 8PM CT for participants and organizers across the state to network and share best practices on voter registration and voter turnout. Sign up for the email alerts and meeting reminders here: Follow the Indivisible ILVOTE voter engagement Facebook group here

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